Let's build strong and sustainable foundations for our future 


re  soilstone™ technologies


  • Engineering soil to stone with recycled reinforcements

reforma resilient development



An alternative patented accepted building system

Reusable formpanels

Reinforcement variations

Restructured/remodelled environment

Retrofitting infrastructures

renewable water farm development

  • A new sustainable development paradigm in land and water management

  • Harnessing maximum use of on-site and in-situ resources 

renewable energy windpole, solarpole  and water battery hydropower 

Remote alternative energy  supply for coastal, rural, resort, island  regions

our mission

We want to help build our communities to last.

We’re an innovative construction & consulting company that designs and builds structures that are sustainable for our land, our shelter, our infrastructure and our resources. Building on over 20 years of research and development, we introduce better solutions through building technology that delivers cost effective, robust, sustainable systems. 


Our specialty is innovating on building technology and civil structural development and our passion is environmental integrity.

We deliver construction solutions that are engineered to last. We’re proud that our work keeps communities sheltered, moving along, and that our resources are impacted less through the way we construct our built environment.




our innovations

Erosion Mitigation

Agricultural Development

Waste Management

Extreme Weather Preparation

Water & Land Conservation

Road & Construction

our services





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EAA Research Engineer affiliated company 

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